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International Airport Lviv is situated on Lyubinska Street 7km from the city centre.

There are several direct international flight routes to Lviv (for instance, from Napoli, Munich, Dortmund, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Venice, Istanbul, and Athens) as well as a few domestic ones.

Adress: 168, Lubinska str. Lviv, Ukraine
Web site:

The most up-to-date information about the flight schedule and prices can be obtained by calling the Airport Enquiry Service at +38 (032) 229-81-12 (Ukrainian, English, German and Russian languages are supported).

You can get from the airport to the city centre and vice versa by:

– Trolleybus No. 9 (stops in the centre near Ivan Franko University).
Fare: 2 UAH (general) and 1 UAH (for schoolchildren and students).

– Fixed-route bus
№48 start from 6:10 – end at 23:00
Fare: 4 UAH.

– Taxi.
List of taxis in Lviv
For more detailed information, please contact the information service of the airport tel.: +38 032 229-81-12.

If you travel to Lviv by rail from Western and Central Europe, the most convenient route will be to get to Polish cities of Warsaw or Krakow and then take a direct train to Lviv. You can also board a train that runs to Lviv several times a day in the Polish border city of Przemysl. For a long time different gauge width in Ukraine and Europe was an obstacle to quick and comfortable border crossing.

If you are travelling from Southern Europe we recommend that you come to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. As a rule, trains coming from Slovakia and Hungary to Kyiv also stop in Lviv. For those travelling from Middle Asia we recommend getting to Kyiv and boarding one of the trains which run to Lviv several times per day. Besides, some of the cities from those parts have direct rail service to Lviv.

As for domestic rail service, the majority of trains running to Western Ukraine go through Lviv – you only have to choose the one that suits you beStreet

Address: Lviv, 1 Dvirtseva sq.
Phone: (032) 226-20-68, 1505 (Reference)

Inside the station you can also find Tourist Information Centre.

You can get from the train station to the city centre and vice versa by:
– Trams No. 1 or 9 (stopping in the centre in Rynok Square and Ruska, Franka, Doroshenka, and Kopernyka Streets).
Fare: 2 UAH (general) and 1 UAH (for schoolchildren and students).

– Fixed-route taxi
No. 16 (Sykhivska Street – Chervonoyi Kalyny Avenue – Uhorska Street – P. Myrnoho Street – Chmoly Street – Stryiska Street – Volodymyra Velykoho Street – Vyhovskoho Street – Lyubinska Street – Horodotska Street – Central Train Station);
No. 31 (Halytske Perekhrestya Market – Hrinchenka Street – Mazepy Street – Chornovola Avenue – Kulisha Street – Horodotska Street – Central Train Station);
No. 32 (Central Train Station – Horodotska Street – Vyhovskoho Street – Kulparkivska S. – Naukova Street – Khutorivka Street – Chervonoyi Kalyny Avenue – Zubra Shopping Centre);
From the Central Bus Station to the Train Station and vice versa you can get by bus No. 10.
Fare: 4 UAH.

If you travel to Lviv by your own car, it will be best for you to follow E-40 International Highway (from the western border to Lviv it is M-11 Ukrainian Highway, and from Kyiv it is M-06).

E-50 International Highway and its part E573 may also suit you, especially if you are travelling from the direction of Hungary. Speed limit within towns and cities is 60 km/h.

In all other areas it is usually set to 90 km/h, but we still recommend following the road signs carefully.

International automobile routes run from Lviv to Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, and other countries. There are 8 border crossing points between Ukraine and the European Union.


Optymalne Taxi
+38 (067) 3994242
+38 (095) 8154242
+38 (063) 1954242

Sofia Taxi
+38 (097) 2432243
+38 (093) 2432243
+38 (050) 2472247

Nashe Taxi
+38 (067) 2438243
+38 (063) 2438243
+38 (066) 2438243